Crab Champions Torrent PC Download

Out of the depths came Crab Champions Torrent PC Download, a follow-up to its viral music video. The game is a peculiar third-person shooter that pits players as toughened fighters in the bodies of crabs. This is Noisestorm’s creation; an Irish music producer and indie game developer and it also doubles up as an appreciation for his previous hit ‘Crab Rave’ which combines looter shooter with roguelike elements.

Crab Champions Torrent PC Download


With Crab Champions Torrent PC Download, you will be thrust into a wild shooting frenzy. Your character here happens to be a crab bearing all kinds of weapons that can make Rambo jealous. From miniguns, rocket launchers, and pistols down to grenades, no one will lack some tool to fight other opponents who often occupy shells.

Its roguelike aspects are fully embraced by this title. Each playthrough starts from scratch with new territories to conquer and discover. While fighting against countless enemies you may accumulate loot that increases your crab fighter’s strength. Weapon upgrades, more health points, improved armor, or unique strikes are examples of such loot.

Strategically selecting the right enhancements for your preferred style is essential in Crab Champions. Do you prefer making ballet out of bullets using high-speed pistols or bombarding everything using explosive rocket launchers? It’s up to you because there are limitless possibilities for generating overpowered crab champions.

But then again this isn’t just about individual battles anymore – it’s time for multiplayer action! Play with up to three friends and join them on co-op missions. Only when working together can gamers overcome the toughest waves getting rewarded after every victory in the process.

Crab Champions Torrent PC Download


Naturally, though Crab Champions Torrent PC Download is more about gameplay than narrative plots there exists a light-hearted story-line within it. For crab supremacy across unknown islands, players have been chosen to become the ultimate Crab Champion.

The world itself steals the show, however. After the “Crab Rave” music video, Noisestorm made the game’s environment explode with vivid colors. You will move from one green-filled forest to another barren and hot piece of land.

Graphics & Sounds

This isn’t a game for people who want great graphics. Crab Champions Torrent PC Download has a cartoonish look that complements its weird concept nicely. The environments are richly rendered with color while the crabs themselves are full of personality.

Crab Champions’ real strength lies in its sound design though. The background is a pulsating techno beat similar to the “Crab Rave” tune as it was originally conceived. Sound effects are appropriately humorous such as the crunching noise of crab claws or explosion sounds when rockets hit their targets.

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Crab Champions Torrent PC Download


Crab Champions is simply amazing, but not in an obvious way. It takes a simple concept – crabs with guns – and injects it with frenetic action, quirky humor, and a surprising amount of depth. Whether you’re new to looter shooters or just looking for something fun, Crab champions will test your skills at the same time give you a good laugh on your couch if you play it casually. So get ready with your weapon, activate your crab machine, and get into the fiercest contest among crustaceans ever seen by anyone till now.

Crab Champions PC/System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  • Processor: Core i3 3.3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

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