Grounded Torrent PC Download

Imagine that in this world, tall grass is like sky-piercing buildings while dew-drops are transformed into shining lakes and simple ladybugs become scary predators. Obsidian Entertainment’s creation, Grounded Torrent PC Download gives us this reality; it is a first-person survival game with an open world where you have been shrunken to the size of an ant.

Grounded Torrent PC Download


Grounded Torrent PC Download throws players into a backyard transformed into a treacherous microcosm. It is all about surviving from making tools from stones and leaves to constructing complex huts beneath big flowers. Collect resources, construct shelters, and overcome the dangers of a wild natural environment.

But you’re not alone. The developers at Obsidian Entertainment have created Grounded as being fully co-operative thus allowing players to team up with three friends for exploration, building, and battling activities. One will find cooperation very necessary whether they are toppling giants or busy setting up tree houses in the game.

The game effortlessly mixes survival elements with combat operations in its thorough blend of style. You can observe your surroundings to get food or water as well as use collected materials to come up with important gear or shield yourself when you go out there scavenging. Combat is fast-paced and exciting since even the smallest things can be dangerous because everything is on a larger scale.

Grounded Torrent PC Download


The backyard was just supposed to be a place to survive, but Grounded Torrent PC Download has more than what meets the eye regarding its plot. This notion of mysterious experiments gone awry start suggesting them as you explore their way down.

Research stations are scattered throughout the world along with cryptic messages imparting knowledge about what led to your present situation. In this journey back to normality one must discover why everybody around him/her keeps getting smaller due to shrinking technology upon him/her self and others.

Graphics & Sounds

Despite its tiny perspective, Grounded portrays vibrant colors all over its landscape.  For instance, there are colonies of ants bustling in the backyard or perhaps spiders, and beetles that look huge.  The game goes into detail as it showcases textures of grass blades and insect patterns on their bodies.

To make gameplay feel the more immersive, sound design is an important element. It’s a lively world with insects buzzing, footsteps crunching leaves as well as rain dropping on the ground. How great it feels to play this game that manages to depict the feeling of vulnerability due to shrinking through which every slight sound amplifies your fear.

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Grounded Torrent PC Download


Not like other survival games, Grounded is unique. An opportunity to shrink human beings into the size of ants will create a good situation for gamers because they will have to think more creatively. Grounded features appealing gameplay, fascinating plotlines, and an immersive world that caters to both solo players and groups playing co-op that they will not forget. Regardless of whether you are making a powerful acorn sword or confronting a huge ladybug, Grounded will keep you entertained.

Grounded PC/System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3225
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

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