Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download

Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download is also known as Swords of Legends 3. It is a role-playing game that immerses players in ancient China’s fantasy world. This game was developed by Aurogon Info & Tech and published by Wangyuan Shengtang as part of the Gujian trilogy series. Gujian 3 came out in December 2018; it got belief from critics for having gameplay more interesting enough to keep one glued till the end, the storyline deep-rooted and intense graphics.

Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download


The combat system of Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download, on the other hand, is dynamic yet fast-paced at the same time. This one has an all-inclusive real-time battle system that allows one to participate in many battles hence differentiating itself from others like it before. The characters are under direct control by players who can make them do too many moves against their enemies or even have access to many abilities they can use against them instead of being limited to just an attack button with power ranging from basic, medium, and high ones only that cannot be changed throughout the game experience. Parties form an integral aspect of this game since they enable players to create groups with specific skills and fighting styles relying on character abilities and party composition which are important during tough encounters.

However, its gameplay focuses on exploration as well. Moreover, there are vibrant places where you can explore including busy cities, beautiful landscapes, and creepy dungeons that remind us of primeval times. The movement through such locations however remains simple so that gamers may find their hidden secrets while performing side quests and talking to various people throughout their passage across these territories.

There are also mini-games provided here alongside puzzles while even a crafting system collecting materials from players who then manufacture tough armor/weapons for themselves.

Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download



Mister Zhan Yue is the main hero of Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download whose story unfolds intriguingly. A small boy born with strange powers becomes involved in a major conflict damaging equilibrium among all worlds. Over time he progresses alongside captivating individuals who have distinct purposes or goals.

Destiny, friendship, and grief are the main themes addressed in this plot. However, his past will be revealed; people will understand what kind of world has been created around them; they will face off with really strong foes whose intention is to wipe out a very delicate stability of forces. So, Gujian 3 keeps you looking forward to its next move as the story takes lots of sudden twists and turns.

Graphics & Sounds

The Havok Vision Engine helps create such an amazing visually stunning world of Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download like the one we see right here. It is full of highly detailed landscapes, intricate architecture, and vivid character designs for instance. This game combines traditional Chinese art with unreal context which makes it more immersive.

Similarly, sounds add more fun when playing the game. Joe Chou’s soundtrack features a mix of traditional Chinese instruments combined with orchestral arrangements. Moreover, nice tunes that suit both the storyline and gaming itself are there too.

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Gujian 3 Torrent PC Download


Gujian 3 can be considered one of the best action RPGs ever made at least from my point of view. It has an exciting combat system that makes gamers want to explore its universe; it’s a captivating tale about Chinese mythology; and a visually stunning world where every detail matters. With its deep characters; gameplay that pays off upon replaying stages over again; and gorgeous presentation this game guarantees you that your journey throughout won’t be forgotten ever or even make you feel like having an amazing experience on a China trip although through computers only as well as lifestyle exploration for each geek who cannot live without constant change.

Gujian 3 PC/System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4590
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti
  • Storage: 40 GB available space

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