Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download

Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download is a game that blends the diesel punk aesthetic with the traditional genre of real-time strategy. Developed by King Art Games and published by Deep Silver, Iron Harvest takes place in a world where the horrors of World War 1 are almost forgotten but Europe still litters its fields with the remains of mechanized giants.

Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download


Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download is an RTS, that throws you right into a head-spinning battlefield full of huge mechs as well as ordinary soldiers. This one embodies all main gameplay elements like base construction, resource management, and unit production; players gather such materials as iron or coal to fuel their battle machines and explore new science and technology to enhance their arsenal.

But it’s not just any mechs that make this game interesting. These tall and lumbering behemoths come in different forms with each having its own unique qualities which define its strengths and weaknesses.  Some are great for battles at close ranges while others prefer long-range shooting.  It is all about how well you can take cover while moving your units so that even a single shot can change everything on the playing field.

In addition, Iron Harvest includes branching narratives via a solo campaign allowing gamers to choose their faction for changing storylines. Additionally, cooperative mode offers up intense challenges to be tackled with friends. For competitive play, there’s Iron Harvest’s robust multiplayer target for those who want to instead pit their minds against other various opponents in online matches.

Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download


The world-building behind Iron Harvest is quite intriguing thanks to an alternate history background mixed with aspects of dieselpunk fiction. After the great war that scarred Europe deeply leaving it open for exploitation by power-hungry factions, players have three sides from which they can choose: Polania Republic, Rusviet Empire, or Saxony being founded for greed reasons only. Every faction has its storyline together with some characters and motivations as well.

The narrative is conveyed through both in-game cutscenes and environmental storytelling. There were traces of the previous war scattered around the battlefield giving it depth and mystery of secrets untold.  It is all about war, revolution, and technological progress but with some excitement touching upon otherwise boring entertainment.

Graphics & Sounds

The visual appeal of Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download is unparalleled. The game features beautiful landscapes that are filled with intricate buildings, lush vegetation, and most notably, awe-inspiring mechs.

Its art design has a perfect blend of World War 1 technology and fantasy elements that come together in a well-realized dieselpunk world. The soundscape is also exceptional as players can hear the mechs’ engines roaring, gunshots popping, or even larger explosions booming with the atmosphere.

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Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download


Iron Harvest Torrent PC Download is a breath of fresh air for the RTS genre. It takes classic strategy gameplay, puts it inside giant mechs, and wraps everything up in dieselpunk fashion. With its compelling plotline, stunning graphics, and varied gameplay options Iron Harvest would be any strategy fan’s delight or someone just looking forward to blowing stuff up with machine guns everywhere they go playing games like this one.

Iron HarvestPC/System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 x64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4460
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 960
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 30 GB

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