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Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur Torrent PC Download

In this action, RPG roguelike, Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur Torrent PC Download is a game featuring King Arthur’s greaves. You will utilize the broken pieces of Excalibur to save Camelot and its scattered citizens from fiercely fighting giants in this dimension-hopping escapade. It was published by PQube and developed by Gambir Studio meaning it has an interesting mix of difficult combat mechanics as well as strategic skill customization together with retelling the story of Arthurian legends.

Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur Torrent PC Download


This game draws inspiration from popular roguelike titles. Players enter randomly generated dungeons at each stage, destroying swarms of small monsters and mini-bosses before facing gigantic giants. What sets it apart is that Excalibur is shattered during play. Although it does not possess the same strength as before, Arthur can still use his fallen knights’ combat techniques.

Each knight has a unique weapon with a distinctive fighting style if there is any strategy added to them. Lancelot uses lightning-fast swordsmanship while Sir Gawain deals out lethal slashes with an axe-head weapon. One could pick between those two methods accordingly changing their tactics against different enemies or overcoming environmental obstacles.

This game focuses on resource micromanagement when forming strategies for advancement. After players defeat enemies, they drop resources that can be used to obtain permanent improvements on any active skills for any knights (knight amalgamations) played with in the future by unlocking them as enhancements. There would be enough replayability because you’d want to try out different knight combinations and skill layouts across your playthroughs.

Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur Torrent PC Download


Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur Torrent PC Download gives a fresh touch to the Arthurian theme. A monstrous Void Giant takes over the peaceful kingdom of Camelot leading up to events where later on Merlin gets captured alongside other Knights of the Round Table including King Arthur who happens to be the last man standing after Excalibur completely falls shattering into numerous fragments. At this point, Merlin takes Arthur to the Astral Dimension whilst the kingdom teeters on the brink of annihilation.

This also means that he has to rebuild his shattered empire and find his people. For the manifestation of the gigantic Void, Redemption is only possible when one also unravels the riddle behind mastering broken Excalibur’s power. The narrative thereabouts is featured as environmental storytelling through cryptic messages found within dungeons.

Graphics & Sounds

Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur Torrent PC Download comes with a vibrant and colorful art style. Procedurally generated dungeons have varied landscapes with everything from lush forests to frozen tundras, and scorching deserts. Every zone contains unique enemy types portrayed in a cartoonish yet detailed style.

Sounds are suitable for action taking place. Cheerful heroic music accompanies players on their exploration whereas boss battles become more intense with battle themes increasing tension levels even further. When any sword hits another sword it gives out a loud metallic clang which makes the game immersive.

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Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur Torrent PC Download


The Broken Excalibur is an exhilarating rogue-lite adventure game called Knight vs Giant. Among other games of this genre, it has fallen knights’ abilities as its combat system that make strategic element be incorporated into the gameplay loop which sets itself apart from others. This incredible world filled with bright colors and captivating sounds will appeal to all fans of roguelites who want something new in Arthurian mythology or just traditional legends reimagined in a modern way.

Knight vs Giant The Broken Excalibur System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Processor:  Celeron
  • RAM: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card:  Intel HD 2000
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB

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