Mafia 3 Torrent PC Download

Mafia 3 Torrent PC Download, an action-adventure video game, developed by Hangar13 and published by 2K was released in 2016. Mafia 3 departs from focusing on the Italian Mafia in its series and instead puts players in the shoes of Lincoln Clay—a Vietnam War veteran—who is bent on seeking revenge in New Orleans (or a version of it as he knows it) called New Bordeaux.

Mafia 3 Torrent PC Download


It is a third-person open-world game. One plays as Lincoln Clay, a violent but determined protagonist walking through the lively but dangerous streets of New Bordeaux. The main gameplay consists of knocking down different mafia factions one by one within the city. This entails capturing rival gang rackets through violent takeovers, disposing of key figures, and setting up your criminal empire.

Most missions have a similar structure: infiltrate, kill, run away. Though this can be repetitive at times, most importantly you get to enjoy the brutality depicted during battles or combat hence making it rewarding. There are several weapons available for use such as pistols and shotguns to grenades and automatic rifles while vehicular combat also has its part with quite some number of period-correct cars from which one can choose.

Lincoln’s three underbosses offer him recruits- their loyalists who possess unique strengths as well as weaknesses that come along with them thus adding strategy to the game. Assigning districts to these lieutenants gives passive income together with special abilities but their loyalty may wane causing difficult decisions throughout the story.

Mafia 3 Torrent PC Download


Mafia 3 Torrent PC Download shines most in its storytelling. In late sixties racist America, Lincoln Clay – an African American man sees his makeshift family slaughtered like animals before him by Italian mobsters; his surrogate family were fellow war veterans who he considered brothers himself being black too. Thereafter, Lincoln is consumed with a fit of anger for revenge and sets out on a violent path of dismantling the Italian mafia headed by charismatic yet sadistic Sal Marcano.

The story mainly revolves around the themes of retribution, faithfulness, and the corrupting influence of authority. Lincoln must confront the ethics of his behavior as he destroys Marcano’s empire.

Graphics & Sounds

With its stunning depiction of 1960s New Orleans, New Bordeaux is a visual masterpiece. The streets are alive with vibrant activity from busy thoroughfares to dilapidated pool halls players can roam around in. It is authentic music from that time featuring legendary tracks by bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Rolling Stones which add to that overall charm.

Though not as good as current games in terms of graphics fidelity still it has a captivating art style and atmosphere present throughout it. Exceptional voiceover work completes the solidly performed characterizations done by Alex Neumann playing Lincoln Clay.

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Mafia 3 Torrent PC Download


Mafia 3 is an imperfect game that manages to be compelling regardless. Its powerful storytelling, great characters, and immersive world make it worth playing even if occasional technical glitches and repetitive open-world activities hold it back somewhat. For those who want to experience a brutal thought-provoking tale about seeking vengeance amidst a turbulent era; this journey is worth taking according to Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 PC/System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel I5-2500K, AMD FX-8120
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB of Video Memory & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
  • Storage: 50 GB available space

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