Mini Motorways Torrent PC Download

Have you ever wished to become a city planner but didn’t want years of education and urban planning complexities? Mini Motorways Torrent PC Download, the follow-up to their highly regarded previous game, Mini Metro, lets you enjoy an easy and pleasant experience where you steer (or rather draw) your way through laying out a road system for a thriving city. Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club, Mini Motorways puts you in charge of keeping traffic flowing and your city thriving.

Mini Motorways Torrent PC Download


Mini Motorways Torrent PC Download is a single-player puzzle strategy game. You’ll be given procedural maps of real-world towns each with its peculiarities and problems. The different colored houses spring up on these maps showing residential areas. Your task is to construct roads connecting these houses with buildings of corresponding colors representing places of work, and schools among others.

As the game goes on, more houses come up as buildings grow organically. To match the growing traffic amounts, you will need to expand your road network strategically. For instance, some roundabouts can change everything if placed well on this screen game-wise. Once roads start functioning you can collect money from them thus earning enough money for new road types or improvements.

The gameplay loop at the core is a very simple but extremely satisfying one. Building roads, watching traffic flow, and optimizing your network to avoid gridlock is so addicting that they bring much joy when played repeatedly all over again. The players can choose between various difficulty levels and map types that would appeal to both casual gamers as well as hard-core ones.

Mini Motorways Torrent PC Download


There is no traditional plot in Mini Motorways Torrent PC Download but it still manages to create a sense of progress and achievement impressively well. Each produced map represents one level during the development of your town’s infrastructure. As traffic flows continuously along corridors cities start changing visually: skyscrapers take the place of houses making bustling downtowns appear before our eyes; it feels like we are observing how a city grows due to our own plans’ implementation.

Graphics & Sounds

The visual style of Mini Motorways is minimalist but pleasant. To differentiate houses, workplaces, and various road types on the map, the game uses colors brightly. There are no distractions in the art design; therefore, one can see all the elements of the city as well as watch traffic at once. The calm instrumental music that plays during the game suits its serene strategic atmosphere.

Background sounds like car engines or even building roads create a special mood in the gaming process.

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Mini Motorways Torrent PC Download


Mini Motorways is an accessible puzzle game with a strategy element designed around city planning. The intuitive controls, addictive gameplay loop, and cute graphics will keep you playing this game for hours on end. If you’re a fan of strategy games or want something more relaxing to play casually then Mini Motorways should not be missed! So put your mind into it and gear up for constructing your desired town by flipping over one pavement after another using some virtual tool that draws circles.

Mini Motorways PC/System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: 2 GHz or faster processor
  • Graphics: Shader Model 4.0
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 350 MB

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