Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent PC Download

Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent PC Download is back with a bang and is a faithful retelling of the 1987 arcade classic that practically invented the rail shooter genre. Published by Microïds and developed by VIRTUALLY GAMING, it injects new life into an old formula while still maintaining all of its predecessor’s charm and excitement. Whether you are a hardened gamer taking a trip down memory lane or just trying to get that old-school arcade feel, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission has got your back.

Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent PC Download



Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent PC  remains true to its roots. In this game, players assume the character of an undercover agent who battles an evil crime syndicate led by enigmatic General Viper. The game tracks as the player moves forward with enemies appearing in different places on the screen. The mission? Rain down bullets on everyone and everything while rescuing hostages.

The core gameplay involves precision shooting and fast reflexes. A light-gun controller (or analog stick for non-VR) helps you aim at enemies with additional points given for headshots scored and saving innocents without harm. The enemies range from soldiers armed with guns to knife-wielding psychos and even some grenade throwers thrown into the mix. Survival depends heavily on finding good hiding positions and going for quick bursts when higher difficulty levels are used.

For one player or two players sharing a headset in VR mode, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission contains one campaign only. If ever you want something more challenging, survival modes unleash wave after wave of foes onto gamers to test their mettle as well as their determination not to give up too soon. Though players can finish campaign mode within hours due to its fast-paced action adventure leaderboards drive replayability forcing them to perfect their skills to climb up through the ranks.

Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent PC Download



The action takes precedence over the narrative in Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent  Download story-wise. The sinister General Viper leads a new criminal syndicate. This group is involved in arms and drug trafficking, as well as possessing an enigmatic superweapon. Thus, you have been called in to get into their bases undercover recover the secret of this weapon, and stop them.

While it has a linear plotline, it captures the spirit of 1980s action movies effectively enough. Dialogue is corny; villains are over-the-top; good guys can be easily distinguished from bad ones here. In other words, this game is really about the thrill rather than intricate character development.

Graphics & Sounds

To match its retro vibe, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission has gone for cel-shaded visuals. Settings are both varied and detailed including jungle encampments or high-tech laboratories. The enemy designs stand out clearly so that they can be identified within seconds on the battlefield. The VR version gives players a chance to participate completely in what is happening around them.

The sound department also deserves some credit here as well. Realistic gunshots are accompanied by thunderous explosions while an energetic 80s soundtrack provides pulsating background music throughout your mission. To be fair though the voice acting was deliberately cheesy making it fit perfectly within such a campy game.

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Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent PC Download


A successfully restored Operation Wolf Returns First Mission Torrent PC Download is a return of this popular arcade game. It brings back memories of the past for veterans and offers newcomers something exciting and addictive marksmanship experience. The fast-paced shooting and hostage rescue core gameplay loop remains interesting, while the addition of VR mode allows players to get involved in an entirely new way. The story may be simple but it does well to frame the over-the-top action.

For those looking for retro gaming or just an adrenaline-filled shoot ‘em up, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission has you covered. Don’t forget though, to keep your finger on that trigger as well as prepare yourself to rain down lead!

Operation Wolf Returns First Mission System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: AMD R7 260X – Nvidia GTX 550 Ti 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 2 GB

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