Project IGI Torrent PC Download

Developed by Innerloop Studios in 2000, the tactical first-person shooter game project IGI Torrent PC Download. (I’m Going In) carved a niche for itself within that genre by placing more emphasis on stealth and strategic thinking than run-and-gun action.

Project IGI Torrent PC Download


The levels of Project I.G.I. were mission-based, with each level having a set of objectives that required a thoughtful approach. The protagonist could choose to fight their way out but this was always very risky for an ill-equipped player due to the game’s AI system which although not perfect made firefights intense and often lethal for the under-equipped protagonist.

Depending on the mission requirements, players had the ability to select their loadout or use enemy weapons they picked up during gameplay. Moreover, there was an additional feature of map computer that enabled players to plot routes discover key locations and even call airstrikes when things go wrong.


In Eastern Europe, Jones carries out several secret operations aimed at gathering intelligence information about his archenemy’s lieutenants’ whereabouts as well as eliminating them one after another before confronting her at last.

Project IGI Torrent PC Download

Graphics & Sounds


In 2000, Project I.G.I. raised graphical standards beyond what anyone had thought possible at that time; detailed environments realistic weapon models, and lighting effects were most notable among others while character models appeared rather simplistic compared to future titles but overall visuals were impressive considering period technology available back then.

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Project IGI Torrent PC Download



Project I.G.I. Its technical limitations include weak AI and lack of multiplayer modes, but the game still remains popular in First Person Shooter genre as it has made a remarkable impact. The mark made by Project I.G.I. in the first-person shooter genre, including the lack of AI and multiplayer, is said to be indelible. Consequently, this made Project I.G.I one of the earliest tactical espionage games in this subgenre since its influence extended to subsequent games with similar ideas.

Project IGI System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • CPU: Pentium II 300 MHz processor
  • RAM: 64 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 500 MB
  • Graphics Card: 100% DirectX 7.0a

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