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SANABI Torrent PC Download

SANABI Torrent PC Download is a fresh narrative-focused action-platformer game. This game was created by WONDER POTION and published by NEOWIZ in November of 2023. All of a sudden I was living in a world full of injustice.

SANABI Torrent PC Download


In this game you play as an old retired warrior who has the heroism to fight for what’s right even when all else fails; but there’s one thing that sets him apart from other legends – his prosthetic arm made out of chains! This handy device can be used like an extra part of your body allowing players to do some acrobatics, swing across gaps, or bash enemies until they break apart with loud clanging noises. It’s supposed to be fast and fluid so make sure every move counts.

At its heart SANABI Torrent PC Download is still a platformer so you’ll need to jump around, dash through walls, and climb up them too; however where the chain-hook adds another strategic element. You may also swing between platforms or pull foes near for close combat moves among other things of that kind (even hidden routes). That approach seems quite tricky which keeps things interesting during gameplay as well.

Combat is very frenzied and full of style. You would encounter robots as well as humans who differ in agility level thereby requiring various approaches towards defeating them – one might need to take off their weapons while others can be finished off only through environment manipulations thanks to chain hooks.

The levels are designed beautifully providing both linear sections where you have no choice but to proceed on one path plus open areas giving opportunity for exploration. There will be parts where you’ll pass through huge cities, zones filled with hazards found at factories plus highly secured corporate buildings that need infiltrating. Just look around because sometimes finding collectibles involves solving puzzles related to surroundings.

SANABI Torrent  PC Download


SANABI Torrent PC Download doesn’t conform to most games’ tradition based on prioritizing gameplay over everything else within its genre type. The storyline takes place after the protagonist has retired however they are called back into action for what should be their final mission. That task is to ascend a mega-corporation-ruled city and discover the hidden truths behind it’s which is why also known as SANABI. You’d have to track down this mysterious entity while unearthing various forms of corporate bribery around.

The narrative unfolds via cutscenes and environmental storytelling; therefore don’t expect anything child-friendly since mature themes like power abuse among others have been expounded on top of that being done within an environment characterized by rampant corporate greed unchecked so far where no one gets away with dirty deals forever.

 The main character starts as someone whose background information is not given all at once but rather over time thus making them relatable even more because we get to know about who they are deeper into game playthroughs.

Graphics & Sounds

The pixel art in SANABI is truly stunning. Environment designs look very detailed and could easily pass for real-life cyberpunk settings filled with gloom brought about by dystopian oppression. I must say that those still images showing off different areas of the world do justice when it comes to creating atmosphere; not forgetting how well developed each character’s appearance was too – especially between our grizzled hero against shiny-looking enforcers representing corporations.

The soundtrack consists mainly of fast-paced electronic beats mixed alongside industrial noise pieces which fit perfectly considering just how quickly everything needs to happen here during battles. Effects were sharp sounding such as when chain hook links hit each other or even bones broke upon landing hits on enemies if these parts had been done half-heartedly then the whole immersion factor would have been lost without a doubt.

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SANABI Torrent  PC Download


SANABI represents an indiedev spirit triumphing above expectations. It’s managed to blend classic platformer mechanics with a captivating storyline while introducing new mechanics through a prosthetic arm alone still coming out stylishly presented and full of action throughout its course. You’ll want some more once you complete playing this game regardless of whether platformers have been your thing or deep dystopian tales resonate within you now and then also fast fast-paced stylishness – SANABI deserves attention either way.

SANABI PC/System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Dual core from Intel
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 450 GTS
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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